About us

 S.E.P. Worldwide Company Limited commenced operation by registering in the category of limited company on December 9th, 2004. We operate the business of sawmill and rubber wood drying plant. Our products are sold in both Thailand and foreign countries.
board of directors:
1.Khun. Cherdchai Tangjitjareun Committee chairman
2.Khun. Wichain Sangvongkij Committee chairman
3.Khun. Peera Pechpanit Managing Director

- We are constantly determined to develop our production to meet standards, and we are the industrial factory which is environmentally friendly.
- We are determined to serve every customer with honesty, sincerity, and responsibility for our practice.
- We are able to produce 2,400,000 cubic feet of lumber per year.
- We have our own staff and machinery to cut down rubber trees, and also have a lot of business partners, who are our strong alliances, to cut down rubber trees and deliver to us.
- We have consistently cooperated with various government agencies so well that we are trusted by those agencies, such as participating in the White Factory without Drug Project, holding sports competitions, establishing the hygiene and safety system for our employees, etc.
- We continually participate in supporting and helping the society and local communities.
- Our strong and formal business supporters are as follows:
1. Thai Military Bank Public Company Limited, Phang Nga Branch 
2. S.Kijchai Group
3. P.Kijsiri Furnishing Company Limited
- We invite you to contact us on business days, or Monday - Saturday, during 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all honorable guests who visit our website and we hope that we will have an opportunity to serve you in the future.


บริษัท เอส.อี.พี.เวิร์ลไวด์ จำกัด 5/5 หมู่ 8 ต.กระโสม อ.ตะกั่วทุ่ง จ.พังงา 82130
โทร (+66) 7648-1066-8 โทรสาร (+66) 7648-1069
S.E.P WorldWide Company Limited 5/5 M.8 Krasom Takuathung Pangnga 82130
Tel. (+66) 7648-1066-8 FAX (+66) 7648-1069